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In most categories, you’ll only pay a fee if your item sells.

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The basics

Here’s what you need to know to get started.
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    It’s free to list

    In most categories, you’ll only pay up to a 12.35% final value fee and C $0.30 per order when your item sells. Learn more about fees - opens in new window or tab.
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    We’ve got your back

    You’re protected by policies, monitoring, and a 24/7 customer service team.
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    Selling is easy

    Simply photograph, describe and price your item. With millions of buyers, your listing can sell quickly. Once it does, we can deposit payment directly to your account.

Selling as a business? We make it easy

We’ve got powerful tools to help you manage your inventory and orders, track your sales, and build your brand.

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How much does it cost to sell?
In most categories, we only charge once your item sells (up to a 12.35% final value fee and C $0.30 per order). Your first 200 listings each month are free. Learn more about fees - opens in new window or tab.
What’s the best way to ship my item?
We’ll help you pick which delivery methods you want to offer, based on how others send similar items. By offering more than one delivery option, you'll be able to attract different types of buyers. Once the item has sold, you can purchase a label from eBay, which is pre-filled with your buyer’s address. When you print a shipping label on eBay, you'll save money with the rates compared to what you'd pay to a carrier for most services. Pack your item, apply the label, and take it to the nearest drop-off location. Learn more about eBay labels - opens in new window or tab.
How much will it cost to ship my item?
You can use our shipping calculator - opens in new window or tab. to estimate how much it should cost.
Where can I get shipping supplies?
You can use any packaging supplies you may already have at home. If you’re looking to purchase supplies, check with your preferred carrier, or our eBay-branded shipping supplies. - opens in new window or tab.
Can I sell locally on eBay?
Yes. When creating your listing, you can offer local pickup by selecting it in shipping details. Once the buyer pays, they’ll receive a QR code and a 6-digit code, which you can scan or enter with the app to confirm the sale.
How should I choose my listing price?
For most items, we can provide a price recommendation for you based on recently sold, similar items. How you price your item can depend on how you prefer to sell it, whether as an Auction or as a Buy It Now listing. If you use Best Offer, buyers will make you offers with their suggested price, that you can accept or decline.
How does eBay protect sellers?
We understand that things can happen that are out of your control as a seller. When they do, we have your back. We protect you against abusive buyers, don’t make changes to the terms for your listing, and investigate sales issues to ensure fair outcomes for both sides. Learn more about seller protection - opens in new window or tab..
What can I sell on eBay?
You can sell almost anything, from homemade goods to used or unused items from your closet. We do restrict items that violate any laws, or infringe on intellectual property.
How do I create an account?
To get started, click on List an item. We’ll help you create and verify your account, and set up payment information, during your first listing. You’ll want to have your preferred payment account details on hand and be ready to receive a call or text on your phone for verification during this step.
How does eBay Ads work?
eBay Ads can help you build your business on eBay with effective advertising tools that create a meaningful connection between you and eBay’s global community of passionate buyers - and help you sell your items faster. Stand out among billions of listings on eBay by putting your items in front of interested buyers no matter the size of your budget. Learn more - opens in new window or tab.

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